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Volume 17, Issue 98: Hopewell 250 AD Archaeoastronomy: The Yost Earthworks


  • Imperial Roman Artifacts Found in Wisconsin – Frank Joseph
  • Ancient Secrets of West Virginia – David Colegrove & Kent Christon
  • The Smithsonian’s Giant Problem: Cover-ups, Corruption and the Subversion of Human
  • History – James Vieira
  • Earth Lines Which Denote Ancient Contact Amongst Global Peoples – John Patrick Hill Metis
  • Hopewell 250 AD Archaeoastronomy: The Yost Site – Richard D. Moats
  • Ancient American Launches FREE APP
  • AAPS 9th Annual International Conference
  • MES Symposium
  • Ancient Mysteries Spring Conference
  • Abandoned Colony in Greenland: Archaeologists Find Clues to Viking Mystery Lithic
  • Quarry Sites & Tools of the Owyhees
  • NEW Field Investigator Program
  • New Viking Discovery Shakes Archaeological Establishment
  • Ancient Migration to the Hawaiian Islands
  • The Cherokee Nation: Historically & Present Day
  • The Circle/Cross Symbol in First Nations Mythology
  • Romans, Paul the Hermit, the Enigmatic Quatrefoil