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Volume 16, Issue 95: New England’s Enigmatic Stone Builders


  • Were There Horses in the Americas Before Columbus – Dr. Steven E. Jones
  • Stone Builders, Mound Builders, and the Giants of Ancient New England – James Vieira
  • Canada’s Chinese Columbus – Peter Caley
  • Waters of the Midwest Reveal Ancient Copper Cuture Sites, Part II – Ancient American Staff
  • Who Were the Adena? – Frank Joseph
  • New Evidence Suggests Stone Age Hunters from Europe discovered America
  • Thor Heyerdahl’s RA I Oar Discovered on Florida’s Shore?
  • Evidence for the Existence of Atlantis
  • Ancient Kentucke Historical Association
  • The Grave Creek Mound at Moundsville, W.V.
  • Mystery Stone Whistle from Turkey Mountain, Oklahoma
  • Weird Skull Sculpture at S.R.A.C.
  • AAPS 8th Annual International Conference
  • Eight Annual Indian Nations Artifact/Fossil Show
  • Book Review, Out of the Flame by James Adair