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Volume 16, Issue 94: Ancient Copper Culture Sites Discovered Underwater


  • Waters of the Midwest Reveal Ancient Copper Sites – Ancient American Staff
  • On the Trail of the Northmen – Thomas E. Lee
  • The Norse Discovery of America and its Impact – Frode Th. Omdahl
  • New Englands Naragansett Rune Stone – Valdimar Samuelsson
  • World Trade Between Civilizations – Carl L. Johannessen
  • Hopewell Effigy Pipes from Squire and Davis in the British Museum – Michael Rusnak
  • Scientists Confirm Tobacco Use by Mayans
  • AAPS 8th International Conference
  • Jordans Earliest Buildings, 20,000 Years Ago
  • Ancient Bronze Artifact from East Asia
  • In Response to Brad Leppers Disavowment to the Film “Lost Civilizations”
  • Lost Giant Race of the American Southwest
  • Friends of Ancient American
  • Indian Stone Altars/Cairns of New York
  • Two Old Spooks Exorcized by Archaeologist
  • Voyager Travel Tours