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Volume 14, Issue 89: Dwarfism In Ancient MesoAmerica


  • A Mysterious Discovery Beneath the Serpent’s Head – Ross Hamilton
  • Were Prehistoric Copper Oxhide Ingots Manufactured on the Mississippi Coast? – Jay S. Wakefield
  • Archaeopetrography on a Burrows Cave Artifact – Scott Wolter P.G.
  • Stonehenge and the Ohio Earthworks – Fritz Zimmerman
  • Burial Mounds of the Illinois District – Bureau of Ethnology Fifth Annual Report
  • Waterways Map Stone Reveals Ancient Travel Routes – Lee Pennington
  • Five Hundred Years of Injustice:  Part Two – Steve Newcomb
  • Dwarfism as Indicative of Shaman Status – Michael Jay Asplan
  • Cultural Diffusionists Meet in Michigan
  • Glenn Beck Boosts Newark Earthworks
  • Old Stone Head Sculpture Found in PA
  • Mexico Documents Reveal Early Explorers’ Impressions
  • U.S. Professor Gives Thumbs Up to Bosnian Pyramid
  • Russell Burrows Responds to Fraudulent Stones
  • Wyoming Sword
  • Midwestern Epigraphic Society Meets in Ohio
  • Europe’s Glozel Tablets
  • Ancient Birds from North America Colonized the South
  • 2010 and the Mayan Calendar: The Real Story