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Volume 12, Issue 76: Tomb of the Embarras: Excavation Has Begun


  • Secret Among the Trees – Darrick Dean
  • Ancient Stone Faces of New Port Richey Florida – Archie Eschborn
  • Crystal Pyramid Found in Wisconsin’s Rock Lake – Frank Joseph
  • The Legendary Azgens: A White People in Prehistoric Kentucky – William D. Conner
  • Preserving Wisconsin Mounds – Frank Arial Flower
  • Giants of the Ancient Ohio Valley – Ross Hamilton
  • The Discovery of Three Continents (2300 B.C.) – Dr. R. M. de Jonge
  • Crossing the Labrador Sea (1600 B.C.) – Dr. R. M. de Jonge & J.S. Wakefield
  • A Cry of Outrage: A Friend of the Serpent Mound
  • Oxford University News Release
  • Spruce Hill News
  • Epigraphy: Burrows Cave Script – David Grant Stewart, Sr.
  • Senate Bill Could Return Kennewick Man Bones to Native Tribes – Annette Cary
  • A.A.A.P.F. Conference Report
  • Tomb of the Embarras: Excavation has Begun
  • Revealed: America’s Oldest Painted Temple
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Answers from Antiquity – Colette Thomas Smith