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Volume 11, Issue 69: Mound Builders: Monuments of the Mississippi River System


  • The Great Beaver Island Stone Circle – Archie Eschborn
  • The Gaelic Connection with Southeastern Kentucky – James H. Burchell
  • Mound Builders: Monuments in the Mississippi River Valley (reprint) – Dr. Henry Mason Baum
  • Hopewell Mound Group of Ohio – Prof. Warren K.  Moorehead
  • Holy Smoke – Mack Bettis
  • The Anubis Caves Part II – Carl Lehrburger
  • Pittsburgh City of Mysteries – E.P. Grondine
  • Multi-Alphabet Writing Series found on Burrows Cave Artifact – John J. White III & Beverley H. Moseley
  • New Erosion Technology – Eric Stein
  • AAAPF Yearly Conference at Big Bay, Michigan
  • New Book Releases