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Volume 11, Issue 67: West Virginia’s Grave Creek Mound


  • A Walk Through America’s Oldest City – Amy Martin
  • Greenland: Bridge Between the Old and New World – Dr. R.M. de Jonge & J.S. Wakefield
  • Skull Face in the Kentucky Blue Grass – Al Cornet
  • Stone Effigies from the Southwest (reprint) – .Professor Warren K. Moorehead, A.M.
  • West Virginia’s Grave Creek Mound and Its Inscribed Tablet – Wayne May
  • California’s Mystery Monolith – Frank Joseph
  • Rock Art Dates Hebrews in New Mexico – Rav Moshe Ben Yehudi
  • Evidence of Visitors from Israel, India in America – .John J. White, III
  • Aztec Knives shown of the First Time – Bunky Crawford
  • The Archaeological Society of Ohio
  • ACPAC: Decline in Archaeological Societies
  • MES Research Symposium
  • AAAPF Conference on Ancient America
  • ACPAC: On Your Knees Cave
  • Tribes Claims Rights to Ancient Bones
  • Ancient American Summer Projects
  • New Book Releases