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Volume 9, Issue 57: The Maya: More Ancient Than Suspected


  • Prehistoric “Forts” or “Observatories” in Ohio and Tennessee – Frank Joseph
  • First Hieroglyphic Writing Found in East Texas – Bruce M. Lockett
  • Earliest Written Script Surfaces in India – Patrick C. Chouinard
  • Newfoundland Pre-Columbian Stone Cross – Myron Paine, Ph.D.
  • Buddhist Priests in America – Joan E. Price, Ph.D.
  • Fossil Man of Kansas – Warren Upham and George F. Wright
  • Lost Earthworks of St. Louis, Missouri – T.R. Peale
  • The On Going Saga of Kennewick Man – George Kadar
  • Maya Civilization: Far Older Than Expected – Frank Joseph
  • ACPAC: Kennewick Man’s Court Victory
  • Ancient Kentucke Historical Association
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Book Review: America’s Stonehenge – Sydney Tanner
  • Swastika Interpretation – John J. White, III