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Volume 8, Issue 54: Illinois Cave About to Yield Its Secrets?


  • Smiling Stone Faces of Michigan and Wisconsin – Daniel J. Wood
  • Ancient Inscriptions in Montana – Warren W. Dexter
  • Pre-Columbian Chinese Treasure found in California – Arthur D. Palmer
  • The Latchstring Picture – Berthalee Broyles, submitted by Brian Allen
  • Old World Units of Measure, Newark Ohio – James P. Scherz, Ph.D.
  • Ohio’s Ancient Adena Mound – Professor William C. Mills, B.SC.
  • The Rhode Island Tower – Mark S. Longo
  • Canada’s “Hammer of Thor” and other Mysteries – Frank Joseph
  • Connecticut’s 5th Century Church – John Gallager
  • The Great Tzilacatzin: An Aztec Goliath – R. Victor Markham, Jr.
  • Kensington Runestone goes to Sweden
  • AA Issue #52, correction page
  • Useful Research Web Sites
  • Illinois Tomb Site Update
  • Letters to the Editor
  • The Brockville Giants – G. Iudhael Jewell
  • Floods Reveal Ancient Burial Grounds – Mike Goodson