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Volume 22, Issue 118: Adena Presence In America


  • The Adena Culture and Portrait of an Adena Male – Jason Jarrell and Sarah Farmer
  • Mesoamerican Influences in Mississippi – Richard Balthazar
  • The Amazing Garden Beds of Ancient America, Part 1 – Lon E. Kreger
  • Traditon of the Third Eye in the Americas – Rafael Videla Eissmann
  • The Breath of the Scioto Schism – Mark Eddy
  • The Ledges at High Tor – Madis Senner
  • Tribute to Robert Pyle
  • Wooly Mammoth will be Back from Extinction
  • Baylor Archaeologists Cast Doubt on Early Humans
  • The Seal Disc: New Artifacts from Monongahela
  • Rare Museum Nestled in S.W. Missouri
  • Native American Secrets Lie Buried in Shell Mounds
  • The Gorget, an Artifact of Adornment
  • New York Times: Ohio Mound Opened
  • Book Review: Synchronicity as Mystical Experience
  • A Rare Adena Gorget Type
  • New York Times: Pennsylvania Mound Opened
  • The Grand-Herr Cache
  • Book Review: There Be Giants Here
  • The Prawatschke Mound Group
  • A Brachycephalic Cranium