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Volume 21, Issue 117: Ancient Inhabitants of the Americas


  • The Oak Island 90’ Stone Deciphered! – Anita Meyer
  • Prehistoric American Indian Copper Spear Points – Donald Spohn, Ph.D.
  • Stone Tablets and Scripts in the Ohio Valley – Richard Balthazar
  • Reclaiming the Validity of the Kinderhook Plates – Utahna Jessop, A.H.R.F.
  • Adena Thru a “Speakwrite:” Seeking an Identity Part 3 – Mark R. Eddy
  • Forgotten Inhabitants of the Americas – Rafael Videla Eissmann
  • Stone Head from St. Mary’s West Virginia – Donald Moore
  • A Glimpse into the Intuitive Medicine 
of the Native American Tradition – Sarah Farmer
  • The French Connection and Roman Relics – Lawrence Gallant
  • Biggest Dinosaur Ever Discovered in Argentina
  • Archaeologists Race to find Artifacts in Ice Fields
  • 12,000 Year Old Camp Found in Utah
  • The Irish Found West Virginia Before Columbus
  • Hieroglyphs With Biblical Quote in Ohio
  • Jeffers Mound: Worthington’s Oldest Structure
  • Prehistoric Bannerstones made with Glacial Slate