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Volume 21, Issue 115: Blown Away: Ancient Mounds Declared Natural


  • Ancient Fortresses of the Ohio Valley, Part 15 – Pearls of Wabash Wisdom – Rick Osmon
  • Adena Thru a “Speakwrite:” A Review of Adena: Seeking of an Identity, Part Two – Mark R. Eddy
  • Ritual Identity of Obsession: The History of Tattooing – Dr. Rita Louise
  • Early Man in North America: A Pre-Clovis Overview – Thomas P. Dungan
  • Adena Totemism and the Shamans of Early Woodland – Jason Jarrell and Sarah Farmer
  • California’s 130,700 Year Old Human – Frank Joseph
  • A Culture Terminated by the Michigan Copper Trade: Understanding Bronze Age Malta – Jay S. Wakefield
  • Just-Discovered 14,000 Year Old Settlement
  • DNA Scientists Claim Cherokees from Middle East
  • Prehistoric Giants on Display, 14 July 1916
  • Source of Mesoamerican Ceremonial Calendar
  • Catacomb of Mummies found in Kentucky
  • Examing the MacIntosh Stone