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Volume 16, Issue 96: Fort Glenford: Adena Hill Top Enclosure


  • A Summary of Fort Glenford: Adena Hill Top Enclosure and Burial Mound – Richard D. Moats
  • Newark Earthwork Cosmology: This Island Earth – William F. Romain, Ph.D.
  • Ohio Archaeologists Corrected on the Position of the Liberty Earthwork in Ross County – Fritz Zimmerman
  • Waters of the Midwest Reveal Ancient Copper Cuture Sites, Part III – Ancient American Staff
  • Star Temples of the Ancient Ohio River Valley – Ross Hamilton
  • Copper Harbor Ship was likely Carthaginian
  • Hernando DeSoto artifacts found
  • Massive Huron Village Site Uncovered
  • SRAC Assists in NYS Archaeology Research
  • MES Newsletter: Reconsideration of Fraud
  • Ancient Walled City, Older than Egypt’s Pyramids, Unearthed off Georgia coast
  • Passing of the Sacred Cherokee Fire
  • AAPS 8th Annual International Conference
  • Stone Head Found Clay County Kentucky
  • New Books
  • W.U.A.A. teams up withNautical Arch. Society
  • Builder of Stonehenge Found
  • Ancient American Index