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Volume 15, Issue 90: Cherokee Paint Clan: Mask of Life and Death


  • The Lennape Epic – Myron Paine, Ph.D.
  • The Cherokee Medicine Wheel – Ray (Seeker) Pennington
  • Newport Tower: Another Viewpoint – William Smith
  • Israelite East M’nashe Traced to the Four Corners – Maggid ben Yoseif
  • Cherokee Clans: An Informal History – Donald Panther Yates, Ph.D.
  • The Big Canadian Knife (Sword?) – Don Spohn, Ph.D.
  • Radio Carbon Dating for Brewers Cave
  • First Americans Reached Europe Five Centuries Before Columbus Discovered the New World
  • New Dating Technique
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Dying Man wants Ohio Historical Society to Return Artifact
  • The Prehistoric Treasure in the Fields of Indiana
  • Cretan Tools point to 130,000-year-old Sea Travel
  • Moseley, Past President of MES, Obituary
  • Book Review: The Forbidden Archaeologist
  • Bosnian Pyramid: Underground Radiation Measures
  • Reed Boats at Burrows Cave
  • The Bowl of La Plaz, Bolivia
  • Giants in the News, 1882, 1887, and 1935