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Volume 13, Issue 85: Giants In North America


  • Were the Copper Miners of Michigan Giants? – Jay S. Wakefield
  • Unknown Object: Discovered in San Diego, CO – Steven Johnson
  • The Bell Beaker Culture in Central Europe – Wikipedia: Edited by Patrick Chouinard
  • Rock Art Degradation at the Four Corners – Jim A. Nosker
  • Poverty Point: Bronze Age Town on the Copper Trail – Jay S. Wakefield
  • Cahokia: Lethal Bite to Cahokia’s Population – Jim Roberson
  • Indian Burials Discovered, Ohio – Jane Beathard
  • From Jews in America – Ray Pennington
  • Tribe Buys Indian Mound in St. Louis – Associated Press 2009
  • Light on the Aagard Lamp – Charles F. Herberger Ph.D.
  • Whence Came this Maze?- Jeffrey Goss, Jr.
  • Interpretation of Alleged Minoan Pendant – John J. White, III
  • Freemasonry and Native American Traditions – W. Bro. Dennis V. Chornenky
  • Indian Chief Chickasawba – St. Johns Daily News
  • Bones of a Departed Race – Huron Expositor Newspaper
  • Broad Swords and Bayonets – Robert B. Carroon