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Volume 12, Issue 74: Illinois Hopewell Mound: Russell-Naples #8


  • Colgate Researcher Discovers Tomb Remains in Honduras – Caroline Jenkins
  • A Picture is Worth 1,000 Years – Anthony V. Riscossa
  • A Return Route Across the Ocean, Encoded at Tormsdale Rows – Dr. R. M. de Jonge and J. S. Wakefield
  • An Old Map and Some Chicken Bones Threaten Mainstream Archaeology – Frank Joseph
  • Excavation of the Adena Mound – Professor William C. Mills
  • GIANTS – Glenn A. Kimball
  • Unveiling the Secrets of Mound PK-5 – Eldon Barrowes and Wayne May
  • Score Another One for the Amateur
  • Diffusion Conference October 5-7
  • DNA Links Aborigines to African Walkabout
  • Spruce Hill, Ohio, NEWS! – Nancy Stranahan and Larry Henry
  • Alive With Spirits – Bruce Vandervest
  • Answers from Antiquity – Colette Thomas Smith
  • Book Review: Asiatic Fathers of America