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Volume 11, Issue 71: Ancient Americas: A New Look


  • Ancient African Gold in Illinois? – Philip Coppens
  • Menorah Found in Catskill Mountains of New York – Zena Halpern
  • 12th Century Welsh Forts in Indiana? – Rick Osmon
  • Ancient Ohio’s 10 Commandments – Jim Michaels
  • Michigan’s Lost God and Tablet – Henriette Mertz
  • The Atlantis Code: Key to Bronze Age America – Iudhael Jewell
  • Big Mound at St. Louis, Missouri – A.J.Conant
  • Florida’s Prehistoric Sea-Anchors? – Archie Eschborn
  • New Additions for A.A. Bookstore
  • News About Origins of Native Americans – Stephen R. Bliss
  • Comments on the “X” factor in North America – Wayne May
  • Ancient America Exhibit at Chicago Field Museum
  • Big Bay Conference report
  • Ancient American Book Club
  • Letters to the Editor
  • New Book Review: The Origin of Culture
  • New Book: Secret Voyages to the New World