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Volume 10, Issue 64: An Egyptian Presence in B.C. America


  • Egyptian Mortuary Statuette,| Found in Northern Illinois – Wayne N. May and Frank Joseph
  • Enigmatic Artifacts of Ancient America – Warren K. Moorehead
  • West Virginia Road to Nowhere and Lost City of Stone – David Cain
  • Visiting Ohio’s Spruce Hill Fort – Wayne May
  • Spruce Hill Fort: A Birds Eye View – David A. Deal
  • Mexico’s 40,000 Year Old Footprints Demolish “Land Bridge Theory” – David A. Deal
  • Ohio’s Ancient Metal Cast? – William Conner
  • European Stone Age Monuments Found in Canada – Frank Joseph
  • Conference on Ancient America
  • Kennewick Man’s Biography is written in his bones – Melanthia Mitchell
  • The Bow and Arrow at Burrows Cave: Another View Point – Andy Tracey
  • Oklahoma’s Greatest Mound: Part One….Larry and Christopher Merriam
  • Reaction to Ancient American Publisher’s “They Came From the East” article – John J. White, III
  • Book Reviews: Stolen Continents: 500 Hundred Years of Conquest and Resistance – Houston Chronicle