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The Book of Enoch the Prophet


Translated by Richard Laurence, Reprint 2000
This rare reprint of one of the lost books of the bible was originally published in 1821, and has been out of print for nearly 100 years. It contains original biblical material censored by the Councils of Nicea and Trent, when the molders of Christianity decided which ideas should or should not be included in the “official” Old and New Testaments. Like the Dead Sea Scrolls, this controversial book was translated from the original Coptic Egyptian script, and was no less suppressed by the early church fathers, probably because of its obvious indebtedness to ancient Egyptian myth. Enoch, for example, is equivalent to the Egyptian god of civilization, Thoth. Reading The Book of Enoch puts the bible in an entirely new light. Softcover, illustrated, originally released in 1883, 189 pages.